Paul Giovanni Okumu

Paul Giovanni Okumu

DOB: 01/03/1969

Born in Tanzania,

Master’s Degree in Business from the University of Mzumbe in Tanzania

Operations Manager at Mwanza Urban Water and Sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA)

Mr. Paul Okumu is a pass out from the University of Mzumbe holding his Master’s degree to start up with MWAUWASA. He has an ambition to serve his people, that is why he is living for and attempted to start up MWAUWASA. His childhood spent at Tanzania witnessing the sufferings of his people from the miserable water system and management. His devotion to help his people with the fine availability of water system made him doing great endeavors with success. He is a father of 8 kids and husband of Groga. Mr. Paul Okumu is a compassionate person who is passionate with the strong emotion of serving not only the community but his employees as well. his remarkable concern towards employees never caused a big life loss. he is appreciated by everyone for being such a nice and sympathetic person.

Current Projects:

  • At Mwanza, construction of water supply and sewer networks for the purpose of water supply extension and rehabilitation by providing 40km long water supply pipelines and 4km long sewer pipelines.
  • At Misungwi, Magu & Lamadi regions, construction of new water supply networks allocating resources to complete 100km long water supply networks. Additionally, the construction of reservoirs, pump stations and treatment works.
  • At Mwanza, construction of water supply system by providing 50km-60km lengthy pipelines patched with the provision of reservoirs and pump stations.

Contact Details:

Mwanza Urban Water and sewerage Authority (MWAUWASA)

PO Box 317

Mwanza, Tanzania


Water Awareness Attempts By California
All of us are dependent upon water. Water is the most essential element to live but hey have you ever pondered over its ultimate important and the vital role in our lives? Well, as a responsible being we shall consider water awareness as the substantial part of our reckonings. Back in year 2008, nobody ever thought of confronting drought in California. The California drought invited worst ever consequences to come over it. If we start sorting out the reasons behind that miserable event then it will come up with so many reasons but the main ones to highlight here are reservoir levels becoming scarce and imported supply of water was restricted. Eventually the water supply attention was initiated by passing a state of emergency circular (2009) by the end of California’s governor. We need to accept our role regarding conserving water to cop up with the water shortage not only for our sakes but for our next generations as well. We can do it on individual basis, for instance holding on the running water when not in use meanwhile we are cleaning teeth, bathing, cleaning the doorways with broom etc. These little measures can save us so much water. Thanks to innovative technology for blessing up with kind of technology that is helping in saving water. Just consider the latest model of washing machine, is not it a great attempt to help saving water. If such evolution will continue then our strivings will find its way to successfully saving water reservoirs. Hey, it is so true that if you attempt saving water being in California, you will be rewarded for it. I reckon none will want to miss it now. The rewards consist of rebates, discounts and concessions on the purchase of water efficient use technology. There are numerous evolutionary technologies available like weather-based & central computer irrigation systems, dry vacuum pumps, ice-making machines, connectionless food steamers, rotating nozzles for sprinkler systems and much more to go for. You can enjoy the rewards and highly efficient technology in order to fix the water scarcity. Recycled Water? Yakh! Well this is what the generally attitude have seen when you talk about using recycle water. Our nature is also recycling the water that you had been studying since a very young age. The hydrological cycle is never thought to be disgusting but when it comes to water recycling people shows gestures of disgust. A very good initiative in this regard has been started in California to spread awareness about the water recycling in relevance to hydrologic cycle. The processes like reverse osmosis and microfiltration can do the job to provide us with plenty of water to drink and use for rest of the purposes. The water you get to use at your homes is questionable. There is no surety about it being all purely clean. Chances are that your water supply might be conveying unhealthy water mixed with waste or chemicals. The institutions like Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are striving to supply clean water by conducting regular tests and setting quality standards. There shall be instant precautionary and rectifying measures to ensure quality water availability.