Water Sanitation System Flash Back

All the time we find people discussing about provision of clean water, saving water resources, water pollution and so on but it comes rare to discussing about the waste water management. Since the inception of communities, the focus on water management is of the great consideration. By the time, the water management took rapid pace in advancement. It is progressing day by day. New scientific and technological approaches are evolving in this regard.

If we catch up with historical initiatives we will find that, the water management traces found with ancient Rome. They commenced great measures that laid foundation of modern water management. Even manuscript regarding water management belonging to Romans is also in the records. One of a great Roman public official wrote a parchment saying that implication of city and sewers cleaning shall be done by allocating half of the Roman water supply.

Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek, a Dutch scientist, discovered bacteria helping so many worth pondering concerns that nobody had paid attention towards them. Eventually, people took notice of the notions presented by Anthony Van Leeuwenhoek and started to take initiatives regarding water sanitation and hygienic concerns. They tended to take good measures at public level. Since then several of the circulars and discussions took place, all were intended to address the need of sanitation and water management issues. They came to know the importance of it. In eighteenth century, sewers were constructed in London resolving scores of hygiene and health issues.

The construction of sewers in London happened to be a hit. It got fame spontaneously. Other countries were also inspired by the act and they chased up it too. Thus, it got viral and spread around the globe. Next legendry person, in regard of effective water sanitation system, comes Lindley from Hamburg, Germany. He attempted awesome designing of residential and industrial sanitation system in the year 1942.

Then American came into action in 1850s. Chesborough from Chicago, USA, carries the credit of creating properly channelized sewage system. He just did it and did it so right. Meanwhile, cholera spread in London. It gave wake up call to the Broad Street Pump Affair. The issue came into being when water was contaminated due to the mixing of waste water through leakage in pumps.

Later, different scientists and researchers kept coming with their workouts on the appropriate sanitation system. All they needed was bringing efficiency to the sanitation systems and channels. Robert Koch, a physician and microbiologist from Germany showed up with his incredible sorting about bacteria and other germs that causes certain diseases. His study, known as ‘Germ Theory of Disease’, grabbed instant attention and helped in further discoveries in this regard.

Later Joseph Lister presented the disinfection study. It helped in curing the past period ailments emergence. Thus, it happened to be of the greater help to even a layperson. Yes, we are right in the modern era. We have advanced technologies and researching institutes backed by innovative minds. We shall keep up working to mobilize better solutions to do the deal done for a better living.