How To Create The Perfect Lawn

lawn installation services

There really is nothing more attractive than a luscious, green lawn. It feels fantastic underfoot and creates a wide-open space in your garden where you can relax, tan, play games with your kids, and so much more. Its practical appeal is definitely on par with the practicalities that a lawn offers.

As lawn installation specialists in Northern Beaches, AU, we know that creating and maintaining the perfect lawn is sometimes trickier than homeowners may anticipate. 

In this article, we’ll provide you with some top tips and tricks for achieving that picture-perfect lawn!

Assess Your Garden

Have a look around your garden. Is there an obvious spot in which you could install a lawn? Do you have a few potential possibilities? Do you already have a lawn, but it looks a little tired or isn’t growing in certain sports? What other features do you want to incorporate into your garden?

lawn installation services

Ask yourself these questions as you assess your garden and decide where the best placement for a lawn may be.

Prepare Your Lawn

Preparing for your dream lawn means clearing the area to the best of your ability by removing rubbish, stones and weeds. Clear away any plants to create a wider section of lawn. You may also want to use a rake to level the ground and firm the soil.

Look Into Lawn Installation Services

While you can always seed your lawn and watch it grow from scratch, investing in lawn installation services is a much faster and more convenient option. This way, you will have an instant, healthy lawn that you can enjoy and begin maintaining.

Feed Your Lawn

Most lawn owners feed their lawn with a special treatment every season or so. This is an important part of lawn maintenance and ensures that your lawn is getting the nutrients needed to stay thick and healthy.

Weed Your Lawn

Weeds can very quickly destroy your lawn, so you must stay on top of your weeding. You can do a little each day or dedicate an hour or more a week to weeding your lawn. Alternatively, you can look into a few different enviro-friendly weedkiller options.

Watering Your Lawn 

Regular watering keeps your grass looking healthy and fresh throughout the year! Grass does enter somewhat of a dormant stage where watering is not always completely necessary, but it is good to make watering your lawn somewhat of a habit.

Aerating Your Lawn

You don’t want the soil beneath your lawn to become too compact, which is often the case with lawns that are used by kids running around and playing games. One way to aerate the soil is by gently using a garden fork.

Mowing Your Lawn

In order to keep your lawn looking neat, tidy and thick, you’ll need to mow it regularly. This requires a lawnmower as well as shears or a trimmer for neatening up the edges. Your grass will grow the most in spring and summer and require the most mowing and maintenance.

Protecting From Pets

Attempt to keep your pets from urinating on the grass, which can cause yellow spots, by spot training them in another area of your garden. Also, discourage your dogs from digging unsightly holes in your lawn.

Repairing Your Lawn

Your lawn is bound to need some repair work at some stage. This means replacing dead patches of grass if need be through reseeding or by purchasing and laying new turf.

Professional Lawn Care In Northern Beaches

Sometimes lawn care and maintenance can be exceptionally time-consuming and draining on top of your daily tasks. It is often better to leave this up to the professionals if you don’t have the time and willpower to maintain your lawn on your own. A professional lawn care service will be able to develop a personalised maintenance plan for your needs and offer you other gardening and landscaping services should you need them.

Have you been searching for professional lawn installation in Northern Beaches? Here at HortCulture, we provide expert lawn installation and lawn care. We are also your go-to arborist on the North Shore for any of your tree-related needs. Get in touch with us today to start discussing your unique garden needs.