You do not need to worry about your plants surviving the drought because an in ground sprinkler is such a relief.

The in ground sprinkler is a device usually a spray head or pump connected to an underground watering source and used in a regulated manner to water your lawn, garden or landscape. It is an automatic water sprinkler system which means , you can set up the schedule and have it water your garden the time you want.

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The fact remains that plants need water to survive. As much water as they can get and most times depending on rainfall does not do justice to this.

 In addition to this, plants with shallow roots will need regular watering as compared to deep rooted plants.

Also, if the garden plants are situated down a slope , compensations should be made using an artificial watering system. This is because the gravity , trajectory angle and pressure of a  sloppy ground is not the same as a flat ground .

ground sprinkler

Hot and windy climate is not so favorable for your garden plants . Hence, the in ground sprinkler system lets you adjust well especially in areas that are not so lucky with rainfall.

Furthermore, soil types such as clay soil and Sandy soil will need additional water supply to augment its water needs. Clay soil absorbs water slowly and cracks up when water dries making its root not get enough water. Therefore , plants  in clay and Sandy soil need to be watered more often.

You should know this before you choose an in ground sprinkler system.

  1. The size of the garden: The size of the garden or landscape will determine if an in ground sprinkler will be perfect for it. Though, you can change the sprinkler head to cover a larger space.
  2. The type of plants or crops: in ground sprinklers are most suitable for row , field or tree crops and not delicate crops.
  3. Soil types: in ground sprinklers are good for Sandy soil because they have a good infiltration rate compared to other types of souls that form crust easily.
  4. Maintenance and repair: you should be aware of how to maintain and repair an in ground sprinkler .


Manual irrigation can be such a hassle. In ground sprinkler systems are one of the easiest means to give your lawn and garden the consistent moisture it needs. For more information visit our Website.