Flowers are as important to a wedding as the bride’s gown, the perfectly decorated cake, and the custom rings. When picking flowers for your wedding, consider the season you’re in and remember to be consistent throughout the various elements of your wedding that need flowers. Similarly, when choosing a buttonhole flower in Gold Cost, make sure that the flower compliments the groom’s outfit. 

Learn About Buttonhole Flower in Gold Coast

Buttonhole flowers or simply buttonholes are a decorative wearable form of a single flower or cluster of stems. They create a beautiful flourish on a blazer or suit. Men usually wear these types of flowers in wedding parties on the lapel of their suits. 

A buttonhole flower is placed on the groom’s left lapel (just above the heart) and must be centred horizontally. The flowers must rest on or just below the widest part of the lapel. The stem should be positioned so that it’s parallel to the lapel edge. 

Who else can wear a buttonhole flower

Buttonhole flowers are typically for men or grooms and the honour can be extended to ushers, stepfathers, fathers, and VIP guests such as groomsmen, parents, officiant, and bridesmaids. 

People sometimes confuse buttonhole flowers with a corsage. The ladies’ buttonhole serves as an essential symbol for the bride’s mothers and sometimes even the grandmothers. They can be put directly on their clothes or wrist. These types of flowers are more ornate than men’s buttonholes. 

buttonhole flower in Gold Cost

Best flowers for buttonholes

The most important thing when looking for the best buttonhole flowers is to find a fresh flower in Gold Coast. Choose flowers like carnations as they hold up brilliantly. The traditional rose can also withstand being wired and is also the most popular to use for buttonholes. Other examples include the dainty gypsophila and waxflower with strong foliage like soft rescue and eucalyptus. 

How long do buttonhole flowers last? 

Buttonhole flowers can last up to two weeks if you take good care of them. Change the water and provide the stems with a fresh trim each day and they can last long. 


Flowers are beautiful. They decorate events and enhance the mood. Different types of flowers are meant for different occasions and purposes. Buttonhole flowers are a good example that men or grooms wear on the lapel of their suits or blazers. Buy a buttonhole flower in Gold Coast and enhance your look!

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